The Inaugural Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards

Re-Live the Experience

Award Receipients
DEMA Class of 2018
Presenting the Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards Class of 2018 Award Recipients. Congratulations to you all.
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Ceremony Pictures
Re-live the Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards Ceremony in pictures.
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Red Carpet
There is no other experience quite like the #DEMA2018 Red Carpet Experience.
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From our C.E.O

Thank you for making DEMA2018 a resounding success. We have seen a huge impact on the lives and communities impacted by some of our 2018 nominees and winners.  I encourage you to continue working hard and setting high standards as a minimum. Continue to stand out for contributing positive success in industry, business, community, and education.

To businesses,  wanting to get involved with Dema2019. I say.

As a brand that prides itself in the celebration and augmentation of diversity in Dorset, I encourage all businesses to get involved with us.

Channels of engagement may include  CSR, sponsorship, grants, support, mutual exchange, and/or services. We welcome all businesses to the table..Nanzy Sebata CEO.


Watch the DEMA2018 Opener
and see how you will be showcased as a sponsor/supporter.

Sponsor / Supporter Benefits

Working with us as a sponsor or supporter will improve your profile by generating awareness of you and your brand directly to over 20 000 potential customers from ethnic minority communities.

Some of the local brands that worked with DEMA2018 saw a positive baseline growth in customer base and brand awareness.

Clientele Growth
Brand Awareness increase
Community Support / Satisfaction
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(Left-right standing): Thabani Nyoni (Entrepreneur), Erika Bryant (Community leader), Elisa Ponce (Entrepreneur),  Saima Ahmed (Community leader), Tomasz  Dyl (Entrepreneur),  Nicole Ferdinand (Academic).
(Left-right seated):Ewa Erdmann (Business Woman). Eva Muhumuza (Entrepreneur), Sarah Ali Choudhury – Head Juror (Entrepreneur), Jaeyon Cho (Academic),  Natalie Sherring (Community/Entrepreneur), 
Absent:  Prince Ogbuji (Entrepreneur)

The role of the Jury withing Dema is to validate and adjudicate the DEMA voting process.These diligent individuals gave of their time and expertise in the nomination and voting process leading to DEMA 2018/. It was an honor having these fantastic professionals, academics and community leader serve as your jury.

The process is lengthy and cumbersome. DEMA jurors are tasked with doing research on nominees to validate their qualification as a such.

Jurors oversee and veto voting process and using a combination of votes, and impact in relation to the community.

It is also a Juror’s role to uphold and maintain the integrity of DEMA and as such, jurors do not adjudicate over categories where their family or friends are nominated.

As we continue to grow, we would like to have even more diversity within the DEMA an as such we encourage qualifying individuals to get in touch with DEMA with regard to being a part of the jury in coming years.

Thank you to the amazing Jurors who served in  #DEMA2018.